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Antonín Kaška - umělecká agentura
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White Lady in the castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech Republic

Castle Jindrichuv Hradec and Lady Perchta from Rozmberk (White Lady) - entrance in Photogallery

Night visits in the castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech Republic with White lady

There are a lot of spectres and ghosts on the castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech Republic.

Czech - Nocni prohlidky hradem a zamkem Jindrichuv Hradec a Bila pani               Deutsch - Auf dem Schloss Jindrichuv Hradec spukt es               English - White lady in the castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech republic

You can experience personally only in south of the Czech republic in Europe.

Welcome to Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech republic!

When the boss of castle in Jindrichuv Hradec PhDr Miloslav Paulík came to the castle in Jindrichuv Hradec, he started think of something what can make the 3rd biggest historical monument in the Czech republic more interesting for tourists. He knew, that something, what can attract tourist is the White lady. In her life, White lady´s name was Perchta from Rozmberk, she didn´t live in the castle in Jindrichuv Hradec. For this castle she was find out by historian Bohuslav Balbin in 17th century.

White Lady Katerina Kochrdova - entrance in photogallery 2004

Firstly, PhDr Miloslav Paulík came with idea of something like astronomical clock. Mechanical figures of White Lady, that would turn up in a Black tower, would point at places, where she had been seen (as in a stories about Perchta). This idea was so expensive, that he had to leave it.

In 1994 he started with 1st night visits of the castle Jindrichuv Hradec. In its ending there have been seen the White lady with sounds of ringing the keys and wolfs howling. By that time, the only one visits in the Czech republic was only in Rozmberk castle.

It wasn´t enough for PhDr Miloslav Paulik. One year later he thought out, that it would be nice, if castle´s fountain started speak to visitors. It really started speaking its story with Eva Jakoubkova´s voice, Petr Pribyl´s music and text from PhDr Ludek Jirasko. Two years later there was a project, called White lady´s mysterious story. It was full of stories from Perchta´s life. It wasn´t only about words, but it was full of music, songs and special lights effects. Tradition of theatre night visits on the castle in Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech republic with White Lady started in 1997.

That time night visits started in many other castles, so PhDr Miloslav Paulik decided to make night visits every year different. It was important for acters too, because they played more than 40 same repeat performances in a summer.

From year 2001 Artistic Agency Antonin Kaska carry on with Night visits with White Lady in Jindrichuv Hradec. This agency helped with this project from beginning of its existence. In 2001 there were 2990 visitors, in 2002 there were 3578 visitors.

In 2003 visitors were accompany by ghosts of main people living in the castle, well-known poisoner and her crazy sister. Visitors met young chimney-sweep Janek, who couldn´t distinguish chimney from Black tower. Janek´s father, chimney-sweep Koudelka because of is weight couldn´t climb the chimney.

As Ms chef liked chimney-sweep, so  laundress Andula liked Janek. In a chapel there were priest and friar Justin. In a garden young nobleman Adam II. from Hradec, who didn´t want to go sleep, practised for war against Turks. Then he invited visitors to a celebrations in the castle´s rondel. In the end, if the visitors were good, White lady have been seen. There were 4155 visitors last year (2711 adults and 1444 children).

This year visitors will see young nobleman again, men with sword and other renesance persons, who belong to everyday life of Black kitchen, rondel and other places of the castle. Of course there will be a lot of new spectres.

Author of the music is Petr Pribyl and Petr Bajer, author of texts for Nights visits with White Lady is Cenek Trecek. In addition to speaking fountain its authors are Petr Pribyl and Ludek Jirasko, there are a lot of new surprises. Visitors will go to Black kitchen in the castle in Jindrichuv Hradec, to the chapel of St. Spirit, in the castle´s garden and in the rondel.

Actress are from the castle´s theatre group and hosts from the Theatre company Jablonsky from Jindrichuv Hradec.

In 2004, spectators would meet castle´s waterman. He often goes bagging some foot to the Black kitchen with the devil. Ms Chef hates castle´s devil. Magdalena Dobromila from the castle wants married casle´s gentleman Cenek Jindrich, but he doesn´t like her. Spectators would meet knight without head and a lot of other characters. For english speaking spectators, we have scripts in english. Night visits in the castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech Republic with White Lady  you could see every Friday and Saturday since 23rd July till 4th September 2004.

Performers from Night visits in the castle in Jindrichuv Hradec 2004 are looking forward to see you in 2005

Night visits in the castle Jindrichuv Hradec with White lady 2005 you can see every Friday and Saturday since 22nd July till 27th August.

You can buy Nights visits in the castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech Republic with White Lady  2004 recorded on CD, VHS and DVD here.

You must reserve tickets on the Night visits with White Lady in the castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech Republic  here, because of huge interest.

Hotels in Prague - Accomodation in Prague - Praha

Accomodation in the town Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech Republic here

The incredible story of White lady

Drink of White ladyIn the castle in Jindrichuv Hradec, there is living nice ghost of White Lady for centuries. Well known Czech historian Bohuslav Balbin signed Perchta from Rozmberk as a White Lady. This gentlewoman from Rozmberk was married against her volition. She had to marry Jan from Lichtenstejn. He gave her and his vassals a hard time, because Perchta´s father didn´t give him so big dowry as he promised before the wedding. Her cruel destiny is known from her letters. Apparition of Perchta causes a lot of mysteries. You ought to see her white figure in chambers of Jindrichuv Hradec, Trebon, Cesky Krumlov, Rozmberk and Telc. According to her gloves she is divining the future. If she is seen in red gloves, she give us notice of a fire. By black gloves she warn us of some disaster or death. White gloves divine good event like a wedding or birth of child. The legend says, that in a black kitchen she cooked sweet pap and gave it out in a celebration day to poor people. By her behavior she wanted to repair sins of her husband. There is a story, that a special Drink of White lady was cooked.

Translator Katerina Kaskova

The night castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech republic

The night castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech republic - entrance in Photogallery


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Night visits in the castle Jindrichuv Hradec in the Czech republic with White Lady

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